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At Get Seen Media Group, we offer several products and services that will take your advertising to a new level. Find out more about what we offer by choosing your area of interest.

What we offer

Affiliate Marketing

Drive quality results and extend your reach by partnering with affiliate marketing's most productive network of publishers. Increase your sales by using our affiliate marketing program that will maximize your revenue opportunities that is 100% performance based..

Lead Generation

Get Seen Media lead generation and customer acquisition network delivers millions of customers on a 100% pay-for-performance basis to small, medium and large businesses worldwide. Through automated optimization technology and demographic targeting, the Get Seen Media network continually provides ever increasing value to its direct-response advertisers and improves return on investment.

Permission Based E-mail

Get Seen Media has white list agreements with major ISPs so our clients can enjoy industry-leading deliverability. An easy and effective way to market your service or product is permission-based e-mail marketing. The key here is permission-based—customer or potential customers have given you permission to e-mail them. This can begin as a short-term campaign that evolves into a long-term campaign, or we can start out as a long-term campaign. e-mail marketing campaigns have become popular for several reasons. They are low-cost and offer a simple means of communicating with a customer. When a subscriber joins our network, they provide let us know their personal interests and their demographics. We will verify the authenticity of subscribers who join our network.

List Management

Get Seen Media provides the power, reliability, and enterprise-level performance you need to manage all your opt-in e-mail lists, including e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, discussion groups and e-mail communities.


All data collected for the client is verified and scrubbed in real-time, prior to delivery. This translates into a significant reduction in the delivery of bad data. We make sure that all leads contain valid information and go through a rigorous verification process prior to delivery.


With co-registration campaigns, the customer makes the choice to be a part of your company's marketing process. How? They sign up for another company's newsletter, and while doing so, also agree to receive your newsletter. We can help you find a company that is related to your business, a perfect match to co-register with. Most companies charge a minimal amount to co-register with them, but it is well worth it.

There are two types of co-registration, standard and custom. With standard co-registration, the consumer is compelled to learn more about a specific service or product—compelled enough to enter in basic information, include their name and e-mail address. Custom co-registration has the possibility to be much more effective than standard co-registration, because the consumer's demographics are more specifically targeted.

Research Services

Get Seen Media provides competitive intelligence, market research, and mystery shopping services to the financial, telecommunications, business-to-business, industrial, high technology, and consumer goods markets. We provide strategic direction through the finest actionable market research. We work with your team of researchers to come up with a target audience, research the marketplace, and create an effective online marketing campaign for your company.

Creative Development

Get Seen Media leading web designers can create innovative advertisements produced to drive high volume and elicit maximum response. From years of experience and testing we will bring the most relevant and current creative concepts to the table.

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